All Implant Clinic dental centers have always maintained the most advanced and demanding protocols to protect our patients and staff. That’s why, in addition to the mesasures implemented and following the recomendations of the General Council of Dentists of Spain, we have decided that all our patients with implant surgery, will be carry out the rapid detection test free of charge of COVID-19 antibodies.

Always at the forefront of your health.

Implants and oral rehabilitation

Using the most innovative techniques and equipment

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Implants and oral rehabilitation

Using the most innovative techniques and equipment

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Our clinics have the OCA certificate

Don’t spend a single day without your teeth

Thanks to the immediate loading implant technique

Technology and innovation

Our clinics differ by implanting the latest technology to give the best service to our patients.

Technology and innovation from the beginning

From the start to the end of the treatment the patient has the support of the latest technology thus shortening the deadlines and making the patient more relaxed and comfortable.


Using the 3D Bone Scan we can accurately detect any abnormality in the gums or teeth.

Dentures with digital assistance

Digital techniques are performed using the latest equipment to assist in assessing the most suitable dental prostheses for each patient. The results are optimized in terms of time and final result.

Dental Microscope

This is an indispensable tool which assists in treatments being minimally invasive and achieving more precision.

Oral Shape Scanner.

The Oral Shape scanner is a device used in dentistry to take digital images of a patient’s teeth and gums. These scans are used to plan dental treatments and to provide an accurate representation of the patient’s mouth that can be shared with other dental professionals.

Aesthetic Medicine.

The Lumix laser is a laser technology used in aesthetic medicine for a variety of treatments. It is a type of high-powered diode laser that emits light at specific wavelengths to treat various skin conditions.

Some of the treatments that can be performed with the Lumix laser include:

•Tattoo removal
•Acne scar reduction
•Removal of skin blemishes
•Removal of varicose veins
•Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
•Treatment of precancerous lesions

The Lumix laser works by emitting pulses of light that are directed at target cells in the skin. These cells absorb the light energy and are heated, which damages or destroys them. The body then naturally eliminates the damaged cells, resulting in clearer, smoother skin.

Laser Lumix.

Laser Lumix is a laser system used in dentistry for various dental treatments. This laser system is manufactured by the Argentinian company DenTech and is used for a variety of applications, including:

•Caries treatment
•Soft tissue removal
•Treatment of periodontal diseases
•Cavity preparation for dental restorations
•Tooth whitening

The Lumix laser system uses a wavelength of 980 nm, which allows for greater precision and less damage to surrounding tissues compared to other dental treatment methods. In addition, the system’s integrated cooling technology reduces patient discomfort during treatment.


Our clinic team is lead and supervised by Dr. Marco Macía and made up of qualified professionals dedicated to give each patient quality and humane treatment.

Marco Macía

Marco Macía

Medical Director

Director and founder of our two clinics (Elche and Benijófar).

• Dentist No. Col. 3511

• Master in Implantology UMH.

• Implantology and Prosthesis Expert.

• CAD-CAM technology.

Natividad Macía Santos

Natividad Macía Santos

Implant Clinic Elche Coordinator

Natividad is an Administration, Personnel and Patient Care Coordinator.
Julia Tomescu

Julia Tomescu


Julia is a Dental Hygienist at Implant Clinic Elche.

María José Reyes

María José Reyes

Superior technique in dental prosthetics

Maria José is a specialist in structures and CAD-CAM.



At our clinics we carry out all kinds of treatment, highlighting the specialty in dental implants due to the experience and quality of materials used.

Dental implants

Guided surgery: greater precision in the intervention and minimally invasive. 

Dental Aesthetics

We make digital smile designs.

Dental veneers: We provide a totally natural aesthetic, quickly and minimally invasive.

Conservative dentistry

Treatments to keep teeth healthy and functional as long as possible.


Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum disease.

Hygiene and professional whitening

Hygiene: treatment by means of ultrasound and subsequent polishing to remove dental plaque leaving clean and healthy teeth.

Whitening: The colour of the dental pieces are usually several shades reduced from the original colour. The aesthetic dental treatment leaves them whiter and brighter.

Conscious sedation

It guarantees the patient zero stress and discomfort in dental surgery, but still being aware so as to collaborate with the doctor. (On request of the patient)

Microscopic endodontics

Dental technique where the pulp tissue (the nerve) is removed from the teeth affected by an infection. The Implant Clinic are experts at working with this technique using a microscope which makes it easier and with greater vision to carry out high precision treatments to reach the small ducts where the affected nerves are lodged.

Invisible orthodontics

An alternative to orthodontic treatments; is custom manufacture of transparent retainers which fit perfectly with the dimension of the teeth and thus aligning them.

L-PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin)

This technique is applied during surgery, improving results in surgical procedures for sinus lift, bone regeneration, soft and alveolar tissues, obtaining optimal results and faster healing.


Carrer Curtidors, 04. 03203 Elche/Elx (Alicante).

M-F: 09:30 – 20:00

966 20 99 74



Calle Ramón y Cajal, 4. Local 3, 03178 Benijófar, Alicante

M-F: 10:00 – 19:00


623 22 94 68

611 452 813 🇳🇱 🇬🇧

La Nucia

Carrer la Carretera, 34, Bajo, 03530 La Nucia, Alicante

M-F: 10:00 – 19:00

604 41 78 75

Implant Clinic – Elche

Implant Clinic – Benijófar

Implant Clinic – La Nucia

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